The Event Planners

About InPrEP

Values and Beliefs


The name "InPrEP" is a word play on the phrases "I & Professional Event Planner" and "in prep.", which means that we are constantly preparing ourselves for your next big event.

Formed by a team of energetic and self-driven youths, InPrEP is your one-stop Professional Event Planner in Singapore for organizing:

  • Academic Conferences

  • Scientific Talks

  • Industrial Exhibitions

  • Student Seminars

There is no substitute for hard work.

- Thomas A. Edison

We value and believe in:

  • delivering the most memorable events to our clients and attendees

  • improving the way that esteemed researchers, industrial partners, and academics worldwide gather together

We welcome all general enquiries, collaboration opportunities, general feedback, and service reviews.


Please feel free to contact us via the following email address!